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Practical Sayruo Eco Decking Tiles

Mar 11 , 2021
Ecological wood makes human's life closer to nature with its natural pure wood color, which has a natural sense of wood and wood texture, replacing the expensive solid wood. It is a new type of environmentally friendly regenerated wood that can replace natural wood in the field of building materials.

Ecological wood, also called "regenerated wood", is a kind of environmentally friendly wood-like material artificially produced, whose various shapes and different specifications appear in decoration applications constantly. While, eco decking tiles are exactly one of them. Just as its name implies, eco decking tiles are processed from ecological wood, with grooves inside and a decorative plate type with card slots on both sides. Different from other shapes like "ceramic board", our ecological wood is a shaped profile, which is easy to install and is also able to greatly save costs without wasting the profile, environmentally friendly as well as beautiful!

The products used in hotel decoration mainly include eco decking tiles, ecological square timber, and laminated boards. These materials are environmentally friendly, healthy, pollution-free, nuisance-less, free of benzene, and the formaldehyde content is lower than European standards, effectively achieving the functions of heat preservation and sound insulation. Besides, the excellent fade resistance, weather resistance and anti-aging properties of these materials can guarantee the product to be used for 20 years.

Eco decking tiles are widely used in furnishings, and are the first choice for ceilings, walls, sound insulation boards, and billboards in hotels, KTVs, shopping malls and other places. The old brand for sayruo eco decking tiles are worthy of your trust!
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