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What is WPC Fence

Apr 16 , 2021

As a part of wood-plastic products, wood-plastic fences are becoming more and more popular in the market.

WPC fence not only protects privacy, but also plays a good decorative role in your garden or courtyard. The board is tightly connected with the board through the notch, and the change invisible to the eyes ensures that it can be very strong even in bad weather, such as strong wind, rain and snow. There is no need to spend a lot of time painting or maintenance, besides the color of the fence is already formed in the production stage, and the color retention is very good.

Extruded through high temperature and pressure equipment to make it more robust and durable. And compared with wooden products, it is more stable without cracking or bending. Wood-plastic fences can also provide customers with more choices in terms of specifications, sizes, shapes, thickness, colors and patterns.

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